April 2020

Saturday 18th April

Links from this mornings work. . https://vimeo.com/409172310. . Sun Festival (Nearest Camera) Olympic Theatre (Far Side) and Crane Following them up. . https://vimeo.com/409173303. . Blue Hero (Nearest Camera) and Vedute. . https://vimeo.com/409191207. . Aesthete (Orange Jacket - Callum Shepherd) upsides Bobby on the Beat with Mr Ryder following... [continue reading]
April 18, 2020

Saturday 11th April

Links from this morning on the Cambridge Road. . https://vimeo.com/406498384. . Clever Candy and Farewell Kiss. . https://vimeo.com/406500725. . House Edges and Platform Nineteen. . https://vimeo.com/406501360. . Eagles by Day. . https://vimeo.com/406503270. . Craylands (Orange Jacket – Callum Shepherd) La Dragontea (Hayley Turner). . https://vimeo.com/406504539... [continue reading]
April 11, 2020

Saturday 4th April

Links from this mornings work. . https://vimeo.com/403975272. . House Edge (Jamie Spencer) leading Eagles By Day and Platform Nineteen. . https://vimeo.com/403976153. . Father of Jazz (Orange Jacket) and Formality. . https://vimeo.com/403977028. . Nevendon (Orange Jacket) and Mister Blue. . https://vimeo.com/403977973. . Glittering Gift (Far Side) Judgment... [continue reading]
April 5, 2020

Saturday 28th March

Links from this mornings work. . https://vimeo.com/401604830/9b75e3bc09. . Father of Jazz (Callum Shepherd – Orange Jacket). . https://vimeo.com/401604355. . House Edge. . https://vimeo.com/401605605. . Melle De Montjeu (Black Hat – Hayley Turner). . https://vimeo.com/401606444. . Lord Warburton leading Bobby’s Kitten Ex Late Night Movie (Sat behind... [continue reading]