April 2018

Saturday 21st April

https://vimeo.com/265873042. . Listen to the bosses thoughts and the past week and next week by clicking on the link. . Below are links to the horses work. . https://vimeo.com/265721169. . Left to right Heatherdown – (Black Hat Hayley Turner), Lorcan, Swiss Peak (Red Hat Jamie Spencer) and James Watt... [continue reading]
April 21, 2018

Saturday 14th April

https://youtu.be/6QanOXzssjU. . Click on the link to view M Bell's news for this week. . Links to this mornings work. . https://youtu.be/1hseMRACguA. . Big Orange. . https://youtu.be/Tp0IQRhPKrY. . Interlink (Maroon Hat) and Fire Brigade (Louis Steward). . https://youtu.be/ZocO4PU_wNY. . Left to Right – Highlight Reel and... [continue reading]
April 14, 2018

Saturday 7th April

https://youtu.be/Y9DbpoWPW_4. . https://youtu.be/X-ph0YCphc. . Revived and Main Desire (Red Jacket– Hayley Turner). . https://youtu.be/K7LE83r2ca8. . Merlin. . https://youtu.be/uhKzhEF6yPM. . Artarmon leading House Edge (Jamie Spencer). . https://youtu.be/WQDdjO70NeY. . Sacred Warrior (Maroon Hat) and Space Bandit. . https://youtu.be/-Jth2iign48. . Maori Bob... [continue reading]
April 7, 2018